Anonymous asked:

how many penises in a bucket (you don't know who I am)

it’s on. 

Anonymous asked:

Silkye!! azure here ur rapier i offer 1.2b XD u go offline so fast

oooooooooooh hi azure! sorry haha my connection went out and i didnt feel like going back in anymore xDD 

I’ll note your offer but not sure if i’ll sell it at the end, thought it would be more expensive, or maybe i’ll wait for mireille’s release xD

molestermoooooon asked:

Hi, verrycat ^^ I want to mix japanese and korean voices, but I can't find IPF packer Т.Т Where did you find this program?


Sorry, I don’t know ;_;

Shoutout to GE-Tumblr: anyone knows where to find it?

Yis, i do have them, contact me through tumblr messaging :3 


【JGE】Character Voice - Mireille

omfghhh someone upload the se.ipf! XDDD